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Why First e-Pandit  ?

Vast Urbanization from villages to towns and cities and further migration to Overseas for greener pastures has become the order of the day in these modern days.  Over a period of time, India is going to emerge as the Manpower Provider to the Entire World.

Today, India has proved its might in Software, Medicine and Engineering Services. The western world is the destination of these skilled intellects.  Where as Middle East proved to be the place, where the skilled and unskilled manpower is also much sought after from India due to their dedication for the work.

When On-Site has become the mantra and dynamic changes in technology world today necessitating the need of skilled software talent, countries across the world are competing with each other in catching up with the technology innovations and up gradations. South East Asia also has become destination for much on-site skilled manpower of Indian Origin.

All the above is surely counts for, ‘The Pride of India’ expanding its wings across the Globe.

Further migrations to other states with in India in search of employment opportunities leading the individuals and families stay away from their native cultural interests.

At the same time the migrations are making the migrants mechanical in their daily life devoid of their Cultural Base for which India is known.

Non availability of Cultural Connect is the main reason for the unrest in the minds of the Younger Generation.  Due to the very non availability or accessibility, vast cultural gaps are emerging with Younger Generations, who all are even forgetting their traditions due to the Geographical Distances Involved and Busy Work Life. But the Youth of India are keen to connect themselves provided, the Geographical Distances are marginalized through Web and If it can provide them the content that are eagerly looking for.

The Cultural Devoid is mainly due to the reasons identified as follows:-

1)      Emergence of Nucleus Family Structures

2)      Adoption of English Education for Careers

3)      Migrations with in India and to Other Countries for Green Pastures

4)      Changing Environment

Though Indian’s by birth are Secular due to the very adoption of Constitution as Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic, Republic., but every Indian at heart is lover of his own culture for the fact that we follow Unity in Diversity, while ready to accept and adopt the merits of the other cultures.

But the Mechanical Life is creating lot of stress, depression and mental un-rest due to the fast changes occurring across the Globe.

It is in this context, it is our endeavor to make available the traditional cultural events available to all Indians staying across the Globe through our platform of

Objectives of

1)      Provide Indian’s the connect with their native festivals and cultural events
2)      Familiarize the Indian’s with Cultural Calendar
3)      Make Popular and Available the traditional Pujas / Prayers (e-Seva)
4)      Act as an exchange between their devotional destinations in India and their inhabitant places, by offering them the services of their choice – cultural connect.
5)      Our endeavor is to make our offerings totally secular without any bias to any particular religion, cult or following.
6)      E-Karma (What u need to do?)
7)      E-Shopping for our daily needs
8)      Matrimonial Exchange
9)      Yoga / Meditation
10)    Legal Counseling
11)    Music
12)   Educational

What Not? The entire spectrum of Life Cycle Needs are covered under one umberalla

Premises of

Civilization is an evolution and evolves from time to time, but the Cultural Identity and Path that we follow have strong binding in the daily life of each individual.

Confident that this endeavor will help in filling the gaps and disconnect which one needs to connect and re-connect in his daily life.

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