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Freequently Asked Questions

What is

Through its virtual presence, is an International Profit, Public Benefit Initiative that assists the activities of individuals and groups around the world who use content and materials.

What is the purpose

The purpose is to network and create a safer society, accomplished through distribution of content, literature, materials, provide matrimonial assistance, provide the knowledge of Indian Laws, Astrology, Cultural Calender and Calenderwise events, which are all helpful to Individuals across the world.

How is The funded?

The virtual portal publishes books, content and sells copies of related videos and audio publications. All funds received for content, books and other materials go toward the production of more materials and the distribution across the globe. Funding also comes from the subscriptions of private individuals and organizations that support the aims of the restoring morality, trust and decency through wide distribution of the books, periodicals and e-content.

What subjects are addressed?

Each link in the portal includes an in-depth cultural essays, videos, audio, process, procedures that is easy to read, see and understand. It teaches in a way that makes sense and can give a person the values and understanding needed to make intelligent, correct decisions in life.

Yes. In fact, educators were among the first to recognize the value of the content, books, videos and audio to instill character and improve the attitudes of students. provides distribution access to schools, public and private, across India and World.

Who uses or endorses the book as part of their educational or social betterment programs?

The programs have been used by a wide variety of youth and community groups, schools and educational organizations, prisons and probation offices, drug rehabilitation centers, governments, hotels and other businesses, as well as concerned individuals.

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