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India is the land of various cultures and traditions in which people celebrate different fairs and festivals, because of this India is also know as land of festivity. Festivals of India reflect richness of the culture, vitality and life-style of its people. Vibrant colors, music and festivity make the country come alive throughout the year. All the religious and cultural fairs of India have added to the tourism projection for India. The Indian fairs and festivals are a fantastic statement on country’s diversity and multi cultural character. Tours of India can never be complete without being a part of its colorful fairs and festivals. Indian never wants to miss the opportunity to celebrate fairs and festivals. For making the holidays special, the most of tourists come in India and celebrate fairs and festivals.

Celebrations of fairs and festivals in India are awaited events over the year. These are celebrated by gay abandon by people of India. In each part of India (East, West, North or the South) every person gets a chance to enjoy and join the festivity of all month as a festival or a fair while these are cultural or religious.

In India all the Fairs and Festivals are characterized by color, cheerfulness, enthusiasm, prayers and rituals. Some festivals are celebrated according to the lunar calendar. Some of the festivals greet seasons of the year, the harvest, the rains, or the full moon. Most of the festivals are common in various parts of India. These festivals may be called by different names in various parts of the country or celebrated in a different manner.

Among all of fairs and festivals each are celebrated for rituals prayer, seeking blessings, exchanging goodwill, beautify houses, wearing new cloths, music, dance and feasting.

In India every person of any region and every religion has something to celebrate. In India many festivals are celebrated, some of them are as: Holi, Diwali, Dussehra, Navaratri etc.

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