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As per the Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu Ji is considered as the maintainer of this world or Lok. Lord Vishnu symbolizes the all pervading protective aspect of the Supreme God, Brahman. However, according to Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu has reincarnated on this earth from time to time, to destroy the evil in the world. The four arms indicate Lord’s omnipresence and omnipotence. The right side of the body represents the creative activities of the mind and the intellect. The left side symbolizes the activities of the heart, that is, love and kindness. Lord Vishnu is also called Nilameghashyamalan who possesses a complexion of the colour of the dark clouds. As it is said that opposites attract, so in the same way Lord Vishnu’s outer appearance is dark while he is associated with the santha gunam, bringing light and peace to the world. He rests on the ocean on his bed of Adisesha, serpent with 1,000 heads. Any time Lord Vishnu sees great trouble, he takes an avatar to rescue the people from evils. He is merciful, ever rushing to serve his devotees. We offer Vishnu Puja on various occasions as guided by the E-Pandit.
Brahma created the world. Shiva along with Shakti is engaged in the eternal process of recreation and dissolution of the world. The monumental task of controlling and running the world is done by Lord Vishnu. Time and time again when the world was in peril He saved it through His various Avataras. The Bhagavatam Purana which gives the details of his various Avataras is regarded as the most important Purana. The Bhagavad Gita He taught to Arjuna during His incarnation as Krishna is undoubtedly the greatest religious discourse in the world. Goddess Laxmi, His consort, is the giver of eight types of wealth. No Vedic ceremony is complete without reciting His Purusha Suktam.

1. Vishnu Sahasranama Pooja: The Vishnu Sahasranama recital is one of the most common “cure all and get all” remedies prescribed in the scriptures. This pooja is performed with the shodasopacharas, recital of purusha sooktam, vishnu sooktam and narayanopanishat and 1008 namavili japa of Lord Vishnu. It will be performed in your name with your specific sankalpa.

2. Purusha Sukta Homam: It is stated in the Suta Samhita that Lord Vishnu himself told about this homa to Sanatkumara.
“Putrapradam Aputraanam Jayadam Jayakaminaam
Bhuktidam Bhuktikamanam Mokshadam Moksha Kaminaam”
“Those who wish progeny, success in all undertakings, worldly enjoyments and mukti shall get it by performing this homam.”
In this elaborate homam, which will be performed by 5 Vedic Pundits,  Lord Vishnu pooja will performed with the shodasopacharas, recital of 1008 namavili japa of Lord Vishnu, purusha sooktam, vishnu sooktam and narayanopanishat. 1008 recitals of the Purusha Sooktam will be done by the pundits. After that the Vishnu Sahasranama stotra recital, which is one of the most common “cure all and get all” remedies prescribed in the scriptures, will be done.. After that homam with the prescribed materials will be performed. It will end with ghana patham. The Purusha Sookta is the Vedic Sookta of Lord Vishnu and recited in most of the homas. It is said in Purusha Sooktam that:-
Yagyena Yaguamayajantha dhevaah
Thaani Dharmaani Prathamaanyasan
Thehanakam Mahimaanassajanthe
Yathra Poorve Saadhyassanthi Devaah
The Devas who worshipped this Purusha, by this Yagya and by all the Dharma,
attained high levels in Svarga. All persons performing this Yagya shall reach similar status.

3. Santana Gopala Homam: This is one of the most prescribed Homas for projeny.
In this elaborate homam Lord Vishnu as Gopala Krishna is worshiped with tulasi leaves. First the recitals of the Purusha Sooktam is done. The Purusha Sookta is the Vedic Sookta of Lord Vishnu and recited in most of the homas. Then Santana Gopala moola mantra japa is done by keeping Santana Gopala yantra. After that homam is performed. Hence this homam is a highly effective one for those having conceiving problems and desire children. People who have children perform it for the all round progress and benefit of their children.

4. Sudarshana Homam:  It grants the protection of Lord Vishnu’s Sudarshana Chakra and is a protection for the devotee in every way – health, wealth, happiness, job business, all types of evils, dosha nivarana, troubles from enemies, black magic, vasheekaran, evil eye, fear and persecution by evil sprits.
Pooja of Lord Vishnu is performed by 5 South Indian Vedic Pandits with Tulasi leaves, Purusha Suktam is recited and Sudarshana yantra is worshiped with Sudarshana mantra japa.

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